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"No Time For Exercise?"

With this manual you will see just how to fit exercise time in now matter what you are doing or where you are at.  There are 5 sections that will show just what to do and not do to extend your life of wellness and happiness.

Section 1: Assessing Physical Damage and Accepting the Importance of Exercise.

  Lifespan and Physical Appearance
   Assessing How Fit You Are

Section 2: No Matter How Busy You Are, there are Ways You CAN Include Exercise

    A Simple Exercise Program 
    Frequency and Intensity
    Variety is the Spice of Life
    Walk before you Run

Section 3: Busy Traveler? You Can Fit Exercise into your Trips!

    Common Obstacles
    Walk when on the Road
     Fitness while Flying

Section 4: Exercise Equipment “To Go”

       More Portable Exercise Tools!
       IMPORTANT NOTE: Buyer Beware!
       Using a Pedometer

Section 5: Information/Resources for the Hurried and Harried

     Fitness-Friendly Hotels
     Fitness-Friendly Airports

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